Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. does the logging in Kondopoga and Pryazha districts of the Republic of Karelia on the basis of long-term contracts. The forest lands are held by a partner company Leseco Nord Ltd. on a long-term basis.

The area of all held forest lands totals 91 561 ha, the annual calculated felling rate totals 149 054 cbm. The products obtained from the held forest lands include pine, spruce, birch and aspen saw logs, pulpwood, veneer logs and firewood. Almost all cut wood is supplied to wood working enterprises of the Republic of Karelia by Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. The small part (birch pulpwood) is exported to Finland. Firewood is delivered to local population and state-financed organizations.

Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. operates 3 harvesters John Deere 1170E EcoIII and 3 forwarders John Deere 1210E EcoIII. These models, new for the Republic of Karelia, are famous for their power, mobility, reliability, capacity and low operating costs. 



 Purchase and operation of new generates of equipment contribute to adaptation of advanced logging technologies, increase of multipurpose forest use quality and ecology preservation.  


Cut wood transportation is made by our own fleet of VOLVO trucks enabling Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. to offer the customers full range of service, to decrease operating costs and to compete with other logging operators.