Eco-friendly wooden houses “Redwood”

Karelia is a unique region attracting thousands of tourists and adventurers by its virgin nature every year. Thick forests, fishy rivers and lakes, unique landscapes and old masterpieces of wooden architecture – all that has become a landmark of the Republic of Karelia abroad.

From the earliest times Nordic wood has been considered to be a benchmark of quality for construction materials. This statement remains up-to-date. Harsh climate makes the wood growing in the north-west of Russia stronger and more durable. It is Karelian Nordic redwood that is used for production of our wooden houses.

Our production of round log houses has soaked up the invaluable experience of wooden construction and advanced technologies of woodworking. The raw material is sorted out according to log diameters and machined on modern computerized equipment made in Finland – first we mill a log itself, after that a groove at the log bottom is milled and finally we mill notches according to the project plan of the future house.

The main advantages of round log houses are as follows:

  •         ecological properties and low radiation level,
  •         comfortable micro-climate – wooden walls offer high heat insulation and air permeability  properties,
  •         design of the house is perfect for low-rise housing construction,
  •         relative cheapness,
  •         flexibility of the construction material that is suitable for premium and economy-class houses,
  •         no need of interior finish due to the high quality of the log surface milling,
  •       easiness of the house assembly due to computer accuracy of the log machining according to the project plan,
  •         durability and resistance to deterioration and fire due to antistain and antipyren treatment.

    In hi-tech world the wooden house enables to dive into the air of our ancestry way of life and to become familiar with the calm stream of time away from the city buzz.

We are glad to offer design planning, production and assembly of houses, saunas, summer houses, garages, maintenance buildings, tables and benches.