Round log is a log in the form of regular cylinder achieved by processing of saw logs on the special equipment. The log processing is effected by milling the bark and wood upper layer in order to achieve the shape of cylinder and smooth surface. 

The production of wooden houses “Redwood” is carried out on the modern equipment made in Finland. The production line includes the following units:

  • two units for milling of the logs and grooves at the log bottom,
  • automated unit for cutting the logs to length, milling the notches and holes for the dowels,
  • unit for milling the notches with the deviation of +/- 45 degrees from the right angle to the axis of the log,
  • unit for making window/door groove in the log end,
  • antistain treatment unit. 

The existing equipment allows to produce round logs with the diameter of 15 – 32 cm and the length of up to 8 meters. Milling of logs, notches and cross-cutting of logs is made according to the house project plan facilitating the assembly of the house.