Welcome to the official website of Russian Wood Alliance Ltd.!

Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. was established in 2004 as a company sourcing pulpwood and sawlogs to pulp and paper mills and sawmills in the Republic of Karelia and Arkhangelsk region.  

With the course of time the company has been enlarging the scope of its activities. Right now Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. is an upswing company dealing with logging, raw materials’ supply to various wood working plants, wood fuel pellets’ production and export from Russia.  

Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. owns harvesters, forwarders and the fleet of trucks providing the full range of services of logging and transportation to consumers from the felling areas.

Our company gives special attention to ecological situation in the Russian Federation. Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. realizes its responsibility for conservation and efficient use of forest lands and implements its activities in accordance with the corresponding state and local legislation.

Meeting the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. has been assessed and certified as the company dealing with purchase and sales of wood derived from well managed forests. The company is aimed at increase of forest management quality, economic efficiency and ecological responsibility.

In 2008 we began the production of premium quality wood fuel pellets under the trademark of Biogran. Product sales and logistics were outsourced to Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. Biogran Ltd. and Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. were founded by the investment company NS Invest which belongs to the group of Karelian timber processing companies. In November 2011 Biogran was consolidated with Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. for the purpose of production and marketing optimization.

In autumn 2011 Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. began implementation of a new project – production of house components made of round logs as part of the existing wood fuel pellets plant in Petrozavodsk. At this stage the equipment has been brought; we’re enlarging the production site and getting prepared for the production line assembling.

Thus during the short but rich history our company has worked its way from a small trading organization to the company dealing with logging and wood advanced processing.

Today Russian Wood Alliance is a company with annual sales of more than 300 million rubles. Our partners are such companies as Stora Enso, UPM, Kondopoga, Solomenskiy saw mill, Pitkäranta.

Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. intends to move further and will take an active part in forest industry development in the Republic of Karelia.