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  • As raw material for pellets production sawdust and chips of the sawmills free from bark are used at Biogran. Raw material is stored at the covered store, total area of 1050 square m. Before the raw material goes into production cycle it is additionally cleaned out of stones and metal fraction. These procedures are the first stage for producing high quality pellets.

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  • The next step in production is drying. For providing the effective technological pelletising and for producing high quality pellets we use SwissCombi dryer of up to 40 cubic m capacity and gas burner Weishaupt, Germany, with capacity of 5,6 МWatt. Dried raw material goes to hammer mill Swisscombi 5000 type 5, that allows to effectively grind the raw material to fraction appropriate for pelletising. CPM pressing machine, variant 7930-6, with capacity of 3-4,5 tons per hour, was installed at the plant in November, 2013. Die outer diameter is 1100 mm, pressing pass is 900mm, die holes of 8 mm.   

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  • Having been pressed pellets go to cooler and then again get sieved and cleaned out of saw dust and other small fraction. Finished pellets are forwarded for packaging and then to the finished goods warehouse.

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