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8.10.2017   |   21:23
Biogran Ltd. currently being a part of Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. started its activities from development of design projects for wood pellet plants in Russia. At this stage the engineers studied equipment, designs, technologies. In 2003 - 2004 it was still too early for that business in Russia.
8.10.2017   |   21:01
Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. is glad to offer design planning of houses according to the Customer's request.
8.10.2017   |   20:57
Wooden houses Redwood are made from wood of pine (lat. Pínus sylvéstris), growing on the territory of the Republic of Karelia. Severe climatic conditions, such as long winters and relatively short and cool summers, affect properities of wood in a special way. Durability and strength are achieved by a slow growth of the tree; tree rings lie tightly to each other.