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2017 results

The main events of 2017 were the launch of the sawmill, and log and lumber sorting lines. The sawing equipment was established in the framework of the priority investment project “Establishment of the timber processing factory”. Company’s own processing facilities will ensure the introduction of the complete circle of timber processing.

The Company production index of 2017:

- roundwood sawing, m3– 44702;

- sawn timber, m3 – 20455;

- planed timber, m3 – 8734;

- pellets production, tons – 23487;

- products of rounded logs, кбм – 864. 

Company’s Production Plans for 2018:

- roundwood sawing, cubic meters – 75 000;

- sawn timber, m3 – 33 750;

- planed timber, m3 – 12 000;

- pellets production, tons – 30 000;

- products of rounded logs, m3, – 1500.

The main factor inhibiting development is the lack of its own annual allowable cutting rate. The process of signing the rent agreements for already allocated lots is taking a lot of time because of the new regulations concerning cadastral registration of forest lots.

Nevertheless, Russian Wood Alliance proceeds with the realization of the third stage of the investment project in the field of forestry development. The company together with the Government of Karelia plan to provide 70% of its production needs with the round wood from its own rented forest lots. The company intends to increase the production volume up to 200 000 cubic meters of the raw material by 2021.