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Mass Media about us: the timber processing project of more than half billion Rubles in value is being implemented in Petrozavodsk.

Petrozavodsk Municipal administration has signed the agreement on strategic partnership with Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. 

The agreement provides for the realization of the project “Establishment of the timber processing factory in Petrozavodsk”.
The company launched a new sawmill at its factory in 2017. The brand new processing facility made it possible to shift to the complete production circle and to create 47 new job positions. The company plans to reach the annual volume of timber processing of 100-120 thousand square meters of saw logs.

“We, in our turn, pledge to ensure assistance and support to the company, Irina Miroshnik said, and I am happy to note that you manage to uphold a high position on an extremely competitive and challenging market. I hope our cooperation will remain balanced and constructive”.

“It is the primary task for both the Administration and the enterprises operating in the Republic to improve the wellbeing of the people who live, work and raise kids here. It is crucial to maintain the dialogue between the power and business. I believe it facilitates considerably the problem solving process for us”, Sergey Savitsky stated.

The Investment Project includes the construction and further operation of timber-processing facilities in Petrozavodsk municipal territory and the development of timber harvesting at the rented wood lots. According to the decree of Production and Trade Ministry the project was included on the list of the projects of high priority in the field of forest development. The overall amount of the project investments was set to be 562 million Rubles. However, the actual volume of the investments exceeded 610 million Rubles by January 1, 2018.

Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. was established in 2004. Initially the company focused on the roundwood supply for the pulp production factories and sawmills in Karelia and Archangelsk Region. Later the company evolved into a European level contemporary timber-processing factory. It became the leader in bio-fuel production in the region in 2016.