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Roundwood includes coniferous saw logs, coniferous and deciduous pulpwood, peeler logs and fuel wood. The products comply with the State Standards: GOST 9463-88, GOST 9462-88, GOST 22298-76. The company supplies roundwood to the processing enterprises of the Republic of Karelia; a part of pulpwood is sent to Finland, and fuel wood is supplied to municipal enterprises.
Sawn timber
Production of wood pellets Premium quality pellets require monthly certification with the control of important indicators. The product is in demand in the market: the most part of it is exported to Denmark and Finland. The consumption of pellets is also gradually growing in the domestic market (Karelia and Murmansk Region): they are used by individuals and organizations for heating private houses, offices and storage facilities, suburban recreation centers, kindergartens, small road maintenance and construction departments.
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