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FSC certification

In February 2019 Russian Wood Alliance Ltd. passed the main audit of forest management under voluntary certification according to FSC® principles and criteria. Based on the audit results the accredited certification company made a positive decision to issue the FSC certificate for Russian Wood Alliance Ltd.

* license code FSC-C146883

In 2016 experts of the Karelian Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Science fulfilled the research of the most valuable areas in the leased forest lands of Leseco Nord Ltd. The total area of the research totaled 226.8 hectares. In 2017 highly valuable forest lands will be classified as high conservation value forests.

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In February 2011 the leasing company “Leseco Nord” successfully completed the certification process in compliance with FSC principles and criteria: as an organization that sells timber logged in efficiently managed forests. The availability of certificates of both companies ensures compliance with the FSC supply chain standard which in its turn is in demand in the raw materials market and is an unconditioned competitive advantage.

* license code FSC-C102866