+7 (8142) 56-29-66


Telephone +7 8142 57-16-14

Position Full name Telephone Email
Director Sergey Savitskiy +7 (8142) 57-16-14 director.rwa@gmail.com
Secretary Marina Toporuk ext.* 212 office.rwa@gmail.com
System Administrator Dmitry Dmitriyev ext.* 325 sysadm.rwa@gmail.com
HR Director Elena Lekhto ext.* 323 staff.rwa@gmail.com
Head of Labor Protection Department Tatyana Matveyeva ext.* 329 safety.rwa@gmail.com
Financial Manager Oleg Brizitsky ext.* 217 finance.rwa@gmail.com
Financial Director Svetlana Lobacheva ext.* 225 findirector.rwa@gmail.com
Chief Accountant Viktoria Zubritskaya ext.* 223 glavbuh.rwa@gmail.com
Deputy Chief Accountant Ksenia Kiryanova ext.* 224 buh.rwa@gmail.com
Forest Resources Director Vladimir Luchin ext.* 219 rwa.vvl@gmail.com
Commercial Director Dmitry Kustov ext.* 327 rwa.kdv@gmail.com
Certification Engineer Kristina Blinkova ext.* 222 office.leseko@gmail.com
Forestry Engineer Evgenia Guseva ext.* 213 engineer.rwa@gmail.com
Sales Director Svetlana Voronova ext.* 314 pellets.rwa@gmail.com
Head of Sales Department Aleksey Nikolsky
ext.* 312
Sales Department Specialist
Maria Uksusova ext.* 332
Sales Manager Vasily Druzhinin ext.* 345 stock.rwa@gmail.com
Marketing Director Alexander Opokin ext.* 317 rwa.trade@gmail.com
Technical Development Director Mikhail Matveyev ext.* 316 project2.rwa@gmail.com
Production Director Aleksandr Pelgonen
ext.* 318
Head of the Pellet Mill Dmitry Gorobets ext.* 322 production.rwa@gmail.com
Head of Boiling and Kiln Drying Complex Yury Prokhorov ext.* 319 ksk.rwa@gmail.com
Head of Transport Department Mikhail Zhuravlev ext.* 313 mechanic.rwa@gmail.com
Electrical Supervisor Pavel Ermakov ext.* 315 energy.rwa@gmail.com
Chief Mechanic Artem Kutchev ext.* 330 mechanic2.rwa@gmail.com

* an extension number is dialed in a tone mode after the answer of the automated attendant