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The company uses the following forms of financing in its investment activity:

The credit history of the company has been positive throughout the entire period of its activity, which is evidenced by the absence of delays in leasing payments, interest payments on borrowed loans.


The company regularly updates its fleet of logging and log-carrying machinery, loading and unloading machinery, motor cars. The company’s partners are currently as follows:

We are ready to consider profitable offers from leasing companies.


The active investment phase of the company’s project is now completed, in connection with this, the reception of applications from private investors has been suspended.

Why private investments?

Our repeated experience of cooperation with banks, including the leaders of the financial services market, showed that banks are likely to behave in a very strange way. In fact, they do not consider the history of the company, its credit history, financial statements, operating production and the project under implementation: all these have been proven to be real many times, as the bank experts have been persuaded of it when communicating directly with the company’s representatives on the customer’s production site.

The most valuable thing in the process of active investments is time. The time for obtaining permits, approvals and financing. Everything looks tempting and transparent at the initial stage. First you file an application to the Bank and wait three to four months for the Bank’s analysis of the Customer’s creditworthiness. Then “three months” last longer than six months, the Bank analyzes everybody and everything (suppliers, contractors, carriers, guarantors, ultimate beneficiaries, etc.), voluminous folders of documents are collected, mortgages are assessed, and the time goes by... And there is no understanding what will emerge as a result, how many funds you’ll get and when they’ll be granted. However, you cannot freeze the project and ask everybody to wait until the next certificate is approved by the Bank. Banks believe they have the rights to impose an unimaginable number of conditions, pledges, guarantors upon an enterprise when granting loans.

Deposit conditions


At the moment the company defines its position on bank lending as follows: we no longer want to play the role of an annoying customer begging banks to give him any amount of funds on any terms. We no longer regard Banks with this kind of approach as potential partners and stop all negotiations on lending with them.

Every bank that wants to participate in a tender for issuing a loan to us should check up the information at our web-site, go to the production site, analyze the non-public part of the information that will be sent in a separate file. Basing on this, the Bank should offer us its conditions in the form of a document titled “Loan Proposal” with the description of all significant conditions.