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Wood fuel pellets

Our company is a manufacturer of premium quality wood fuel pellets in the Republic of Karelia. The production was launched in April 2008. Premium quality pellets require monthly certification with the control of such important indicators as calorific value and ash content. The wood fuel pellets sales growth confirms the demand for this type of product in the market.

Our products are used by:

  1. Organizations for heating offices and storage facilities, suburban recreation centers;
  2. Medium-size municipal heat power plants for generating heat and power;
  3. Individuals for heating private houses with boilers and fireplaces.


  1. Large and medium-sized companies;
  2. Individual entrepreneurs engaged in packaging and promotion of products to retail chains;
  3. Individuals.
Your benefits
Environmental friendliness
We do not add any chemical substances while producing the pellets but use coniferous raw material with the natural binding agent called lignin.
Minimal ash content
Constant control of low ash content guarantees that your equipment will not break down before the end of declared service life.
Guarantee of the availability of goods in stock
Strict compliance with agreed delivery time
High calorific value
Constant control of the heating capacity guarantees warmth inside the house.
Compliance with quality standards
Parameters of wood fuel pellets
Parameter Value
Raw material Coniferous sawdust (pine, spruce)
Color light-colored
Diameter 8 mm
Length 10–40 mm
Ash content 0,3–0,4%
Moisture content 7–8%
Calorific value 18-19 MJ/kg
Durability 99,5%
Packaging big-bags (500, 1000 and 1500 kg)
Quality of wood fuel pellets
The pellets of our production comply with the European EN Plus standard, the first A1 group (the use of pellets with minimum ash content in the private sector) according the results of the analysis by SGS Vostok Limited, a Member of the Society of Generale de Surveillance.